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What's New

15-Oct-2009 - 'Toxic legacy' seeps from melting Alpine glaciers.  [link to publication]
02-May-2009 - NZ glacier findings upset climate theory. New Zealand Herald. 

07-Mar-2009 - Glaciers reveal global warming effects. One News. 

15-Sep-2008 - Glaciers shrinking in Southern Alps. New Zealand Herald. 

18-Nov-2007 - New Zealand glaciers shrinking. Niwa Report. 

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Upcoming Events

JARI 'Glacier and Climate Modelling' Workshop

2nd November, Victoria University, Wellington

The workshop aims to cover a variety of topics ranging from modelling past climate variability and ice extent both within New Zealand and Antarctica, to modelling future trends of climate, glacier extent and hydrology within both geographic regions. Material from current research projects (such as FRST NIWA Regional Climate Modelling, FRST ANDRILL, and Global Change through time) will be presented and discussion sessions will enable the development of future collaborations. The guest speaker is Dr. Olga Sergienko (Princeton University).


Past Events

7th International Geomorphology Conference (ANZIAG)

Ancient Landscapes Modern Perspectives 

6-11 July 2009, Melbourne, Australia


9-19 Jul 2006, Hobart, Australia


The Second SCAR Open Science Conference 'Antarctica in the Earth System'

The Second Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Open Science Conference (OSC) was held from Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th July 2006 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart. The theme of this meeting, 'Antarctica in the Earth System' built on the strategic research focus which was established at the First SCAR Open Science Conference. Papers on all aspects of current Antarctic research were presented with particular regard to those that addressed the close couplings between Antarctic processes and the other parts of the Earth System.

International Symposium on Sea Ice (IGU Meeting)
5-9 Dec 2005, Dunedin, New Zealand seaice_logo

The sea-ice of the Arctic and Antarctic Seas exerts a major impact on the regional oceans and atmosphere, concomitantly affecting global climate and modifying the global oceans. It also strongly influences the ecology of the polar oceans. Through remote sensing, fieldwork and modelling, often with a multidisciplinary flavour, scientists are well placed to make significant progress over the next two decades in our understanding of this vital constituent of the geosphere and biosphere at all scales. The overarching goal of this symposium was to promote interdisciplinary discussion of the geophysics of sea ice and its interactions with the ocean, atmosphere and biosphere.

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