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Welcome to Glaciers @ Otago

ant11This website is dedicated to research concerning glaciers and climate change, which is an area of research strength at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Collaboration between members of different departments has enabled the formation of the Glaciers and Climate Change Research Cluster, that is situated within the Humanities Department. Though the cluster is coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Sean Fitzsimons of the Department of Geography, it is associated with the Antarctic Science and Marine Environments of the Southern Oceans research theme, as well as the Polar Environments and Active Earth Processes Research Themes within the University of Otago. As part of the wider glaciological community within New Zealand the members are part of the Snow and Ice Research Group (SIRG).

Our research focuses on several different glaciological themes, including studying the behaviour of contemporary glaciers in New Zealand, Antarctica, Tanzania and the Arctic, as well as reconstructing the behaviour of glaciers during the Quaternary (last two million years) in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Our research contributes to the worldwide understanding of past climate change, and to the monitoring of changes in glacier behaviour as they respond to the current changing climate.

This web site contains information about our research activities, publications, the collaborators and student projects.


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