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Current Students


Within the research cluster there are several postgraduates working on glaciological and geomorphological projects, covering a wide range of topics. Some additional information is provided such as some of the student's current research, research interests and relevant publications and presentations.

Jamie Howarth (PhD)
Landscape response to high magnitude disturbance, South Westland, New Zealand

Jono Conway (PhD)

Links between meso-scale circulation, surface energy and mass balance of the Brewster Glacier

Inka Koch (PhD)

Marine ice formation and deformation at the Southern McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Nicolle Britland (MSc)

Surface climatology and ablation on floating section of Petermann Glacier, Greenland, 2002-2006 

Todd Redpath (Msc)
Utilising ASTER imagery to derive multi-temporal flow fields for the Tasman Glacier

Abigail Lovett (MSc)

Multi-disciplinary Investigation into the origin and formation of mirabilite deposits, Hobbs Glacier Region, Antarctica

Simon Dalton (MSc)

Reconstruction of Late-Glacial Environmental and Climate Change, Mavora Lakes

Richard Woods (MSc)
Paraglacial landscape development in the Fox Valley, Westland




Recent Students

The following is a summary of student projects that have been recently completed at the Department of Geography, University of Otago. For a complete list of all student projects about glaciers and climate change please visit the completed student projects page.

Bronwyn van Valkengoed (MSc 2011)

Pollen evidence for Holocene climate change in the Eglinton Valley, western Southland.

Nicola Webb (Msc 2010)
Glaciotectonic and polyepisodic landforms in the Ohau Valley, New Zealand

Dorothea Stumm (PhD 2010)
Mass balance of glaciers in the Southern Alps, New Zealand

Martina Armstrong (MSc 2010)
Glaciotectonic Deformation in Late Pleistocene Deposits at Lake Hawea

Erin Blair (MSc 2010)
Ground penetrating radar and the structure of temperate glaciers

Shelley MacDonell (PhD 2009)
The hydrological regime of a cold-based glacier, Wright Lower Glacier, Antarctica 

Delia Strong (MSc 2008)
Terminus retreat and lake growth, Tasman Glacier

Sarah Gillett (MSc 2008)
Modelling summer ablation on the Brewster Glacier

Paul Sirota (PhD 2008)
Effects of solutes, debris and temperature on the strength of ice

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